Solar Muscle

IFRC standard solar light

Solar Muscle

The Solar Muscle is Flexiway Solar Solutions’ original solar light, upon which our new product range is built. It is a powerful, affordable, no-nonsense and fit-for-purpose solar device. Since its launch, the Solar Muscle has had a massive impact on communities around the world and led to the creation of a whole new range of solar products for the humanitarian and development sectors.

Our Solar Muscle and the rest of the product range empowers people, improves security and provides better living conditions in refugee camps and in remote areas that have limited or no access to electricity.

Key Features

  • International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) standard
  • Lightweight, pocket-sized solar light, easy to carry or hang around the neck
  • Comprises 12 LED lights, three power settings, an integrated solar panel and battery unit
  • One hour of sunlight equals one hour of solar light. The integrated solar panel allows users to track the sun for maximum charging efficiency and has been proven to charge well even when cloudy
  • Once fully charged, the light can run for eight hours on full power and 16 hours at half power
  • Independently tested to provide 48-60 lumens and 25 lux from 0.75 meter, perfect for study, walking and task lighting
  • Smart clip system enables single lights to become one powerful source of light
  • Weatherproof and shockproof with high rating of Ingress Protection (IP) 65
  • Life span of three years / 1,000 charge cycles.