Solar Shelter Tricep

Your power-packed 3-piece unit of 2 solar lights & 1 mobile charger with cable set & solar panel

Solar Shelter Tricep

Our Solar Shelter Tricep is a 3-in-1 solar solution offering two powerful solar lights and one mobile phone charger, powered by a separate solar panel. Specifically designed and developed for refugees, internally displaced persons and families living off-the-grid in temporary shelters, the Solar Shelter Tricep empowers families to be more productive after dark and keeps them safe, secure and connected.

Key Features - Solar lights:

  • Two powerful solar lights, each with integrated battery unit, 12 LED lights, three-power setting switch and AC charging input
  • Built in steel hanger allows lights to be used on tables, suspended from above, hung on a wall or used as a torch. They can even be fixed onto metal poles with the integral magnets
  • Lights last up to 16 hours on half power and 8 hours on full power

Key Features - Mobile phone charger:

  • Mobile phone charger with integrated battery unit as the center unit. This charges most popular phone models to over 70% in 100 minutes. Phones can also be charged directly from the solar panel
  • Cable set of 10 mobile phone adaptors ensures most phones can be connected and allows more than one phone to be charged simultaneously

Key Features - Charging:

  • The three units clip together for charging and are connected to the separate 6W solar panel via a 3m cable. Charging by mains electricity is also available via the provide AC adaptor plug
  • Each unit can be charged separately, so light is never compromised if a phone is charged too long.